Hey folks, thanks for stopping by. We’ve got a new look on the site here and I wanted to check-in.

Last week I had the privilege of rocking 2 live shows with the full Lost Country band, and it was great to get on stage with them. Last Tuesday, we took the Times Change(d) High & Lonesome Club for a test-drive; the first (open-to-the-public) show the club had hosted in precisely 6 months. It gave us the opportunity to play the entire We Gotta Lotta Truckin’ To Do album to a live audience. Our record of Truckin’ classics is available exclusively at: seanburns.bandcamp.com/album/we-gotta-lotta-truckin-to-do and all the sales are still being donated to the Times Change(d). Things are slowly opening up at the Club, but it’ll be awhile yet until we’re back to “normal” anywhere. So we hope you enjoy the album and know that your money is going to a valuable community institution.
Thursday night we had a real nice one at the Wits End. Ian & Trudy have been hosting shows in their yard there all Summer and we closed the season off in style. Thanks to all you folks who made it out to see the Band. As it stands, the only remaining live show we have on the calendar is this Friday, September 25 at the South Osborne Legion here in Winnipeg. I’ve always loved a Legion gig and it’ll be a nice fit for our 3 sets of hard honky-tonk & beautiful country music.

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