Hey folks, I hope this note finds you well. For those here in Manitoba or if you’re following along from the sidelines, I’m sure you’re well aware that all upcoming shows at Blue Note Park / Times Change(d) Outside, have been postponed. Hopefully by the end of the month things will be getting back on track and the venue can safely open. Until then, stay safe and be smart.

I’ve gone all-in with The Northern Report Podcast and am releasing a total of 8 episodes in the month of May. Likely to scale back to one a week in June, but I wanted to get these out while the chats were still fresh and covering relevant topics such as recent album releases etc. Check the Podcast out on Spotify, AnchorFM, Google Podcasts, and YouTube. Just search: The Northern Report Podcast. Coming soon to Apple Podcasts, too.

As a companion to the Podcast and column in the Honky-Tonk Times, check out The Northern Report Spotify Playlist for music from the acts I’ve covered: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/5QayMq80aZtYfPV41ynz6X?si=6ff227ab86014479

Don’t forget to catch me weekly from 11am-1pm (CT) for Boots & Saddle on CKUW.

Hope to see you sooner than later. Have a great week.

SB –